Family History

     As agriculturalist and cigar makers, our pride has always been crafting a perfect cigar. The tradition began in the early 19th century when the Cuevas Family, originally from Spain settled in Vuelta Abajo, province of Pinar del Rio Cuba, a region well known as the only one in Cuba that produces the three leaves of tobacco plant needed to make great cigars.

     Early in the 1980's the Cuevas Family migrated to the United States from Cuba taking with them generations of Cigar making tradition. Soon afterwards the family found the fertile Valley del Cibao in the Dominican Republic, to be the perfect place to continue their Cuban Cigar Legacy. The Cuevas Family founded Tabacalera Cuevas & Hermanos and resumed crafting premium cigars with extremely high quality Cuban seed tobacco best known as "piloto Cubano".

     Master Blender Sergio Cuevas creates the blends and then the Cuevas family heritage is carried through the hands of the most talented tabaqueros, making each cigar from the expertly selected leaves.  The key to quality is having complete control of the entire process,  and rigorous testing for consistency, equilibrium, burn, taste and aroma.

Today, our tradition continues for you to enjoy!!!