Eduardo Castellanos Espinoza

Eduardo Castellanos Espinoza best known by “Caste”, born in the city of Cardenas, province of Matanzas, Cuba in October 13, 1932. His inspiration for the art stated back in Cuba when he was a young man and was taken to prison as many others that were wrongfully accused of counter-revolution. In a Cuban a Moorish dungeon (Isla de Pinos, Cuba) was where he spent the next 13 years and also where he got sick with tuberculosis and almost died.

Finally he was able to leave the Cuban regime on January, 1974 and exile to Spain, married with a citizen from Spain. He lived in Spain for 5 years and then came to the United States where he has lived ever since as a resident of this extraordinary country. He has never gone back to Cuba, but his inspiration is marked by the signature of his artwork.

Please take a look at his creations below...